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    Application of PBT DTY  in cotton/polyester blended fabric


    PBT fiber and its products have the advantages of soft handle, moisture absorption, abrasion resistance and good crimp property, excellent elasticity and elasticity, and elastic recovery rate is better than that of polyester fiber. PBT fiber has special elasticity in wet and dry state, and the elasticity is not affected by the change of ambient temperature.
    It has good dyeing property and can be dyed with ordinary disperse dyes at atmospheric pressure without carrier. The dyed fiber has bright color, good color fastness and good chlorine resistance.
    It has excellent chemical resistance, light resistance and heat resistance


    The filament of PBT fiber can be used after deformation processing, while short fiber can be blended with other fibers, it can also be used for core spun yarn to produce elastic cloth, and it can also be used to make wool like fabric



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    Product Name Specifications Range of use Weaving type End use
    PBT DTY 30D-150D

    Warp knitting ,

    weft knitting






     yoga clothes