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    Introduction of PBT fiber
    PBT fiber is the abbreviation of polybutylene terephthalate two ester fiber , which belongs to polyester fiber. PBT fiber as engineering plastics. With the development of differential fibers, the use of PBT as a fiber has been gradually recognized.
    PBT fiber properties
    1, the tensile strength of PBT fibers was 30.91 ~ 35.32cN/tex, elongation of 30% ~ 60%, the melting point is 223 DEG C, the crystallization rate is 10 times faster than the polyethylene glycol ester two, has the characteristics of excellent elongation elastic recovery rate and soft and easy to stain.
    2, made of PBT fiber polyester fiber having some common properties, but due to the large molecules of PBT basic links on the flexible part is long, so that the melting point and glass transition temperature of PBT fibers than ordinary polyester fiber is low, resulting in fiber molecular chain flexibility and elasticity increased.
    3, PBT fiber has good durability, dimensional stability and good elasticity, and the elasticity is not affected by humidity.
    4, PBT fiber and its products are soft, moisture absorption, wear resistance and fiber crimp good, tensile elasticity and compression elasticity is excellent, and its elastic recovery rate is better than polyester fiber. PBT fiber has special elasticity in wet and dry state, and its elasticity is not affected by the change of ambient temperature.
    5. With good dyeing properties, ordinary disperse dyes can be used for atmospheric dyeing without carrier. The dyed fiber has bright color, good color fastness and good chlorine resistance.
    6. It has excellent chemical resistance, light resistance and heat resistance.

    PBT fiber applications
    1, especially suitable for making swimming clothes, stockings, training suits, suits, aerobics, gymnastics, dance and tennis wear tights, stretch jeans, ski pants, application of stockings, medical bandage on high elastic textiles.
    2, PBT and PET composite fiber has fine and solid three-dimensional crimp, superior rebound, soft and good dyeing performance, is ideal wool like, imitation down raw material, comfortable to wear.
    3, PBT fiber filament can be processed by deformation, and short fiber can be blended with other fibers, also can be used for core yarn production stretch cloth. It can also be used to make wool like fabrics.
    4, if the use of PBT fiber made of porous thermal insulation flocculus, is washable, soft, breathable, lightweight, tufted carpet PBT fiber production, touch like wool carpet. The bristle wire can be used as a toothbrush wire, etc., and has good anti - dropping performance.